Frequently Asked Questions

How are leads generated?

➤ Our AI and ML platform generates high-intent leads from digital platforms.
➤ Platforms include Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
➤ Our platform targets audiences actively seeking your services.
➤ We use your brand name for personalized customer interactions.
➤ Thus, when you reach out to your potential customers, you can confidently say, "I'm calling from ABC Interiors," ensuring a seamless and personalized customer experience.

How will leads be delivered?

➤ On your WhatsApp as a notification
➤ Leads will also be updated on our CRM Application

Will they be hot / cold / warm leads?

➤ Profile of our leads will match shared brief.
➤ All our leads are HOT leads. If you call them immediately, very high chances of sales conversion.
➤ Leads are 100% original & exclusive to you, we do NOT share your leads with anyone.

Example : Interior Designer can specify that he is looking for clients whose budget is at least Rs. 3 Lakhs. Also, he will address interior requirements for shops/ restaurants. He can only service Bangalore City.

How will I be billed?

➤ We will share cost per qualified lead at beginning of engagement - Say Rs. 1000/-
➤ To start the service, You need to top up your wallet, say with Rs. 20,000/-
➤ When you recieve your first lead, we will deduct Rs. 1000/- from the wallet?

Will the leads be qualified?

➤ 100% of the leads will be qualified and validated.
➤ We don't pass any junk or invalid leads
➤ If there are any junk leads, we offer replacement
➤ We have a 3 tiered robust verification process

In what conditions will lead be replaced?

➤ Lead is seeking employment/contract
➤ Lead wants service executed in locations where you do not operate
➤ Lead is not contactable after 3 attempts

Our generous Lead Review process ensures that you are replaced a 'spam lead' with a new valid. Important: Contact leads within 8 hours; failure to do so makes them ineligible for replacement if they become dead leads.

Am I expected to create new Landing Page?

➤ No, we create special landing pages
➤ You can avail services of even without website

Can you use my domain name?

➤ Yes, we can use your domain name.
➤ You will need to co-operate with us to enable redirection to our landing pages.

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