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Customer Acquisition Platform

  • Artificial Intelligence-driven customer acquisition platform
  • Backed by Madison World, India's largest independent advertising Group
  • On an average, customers see 300% lift in sales.
  • Enterprise Grade Digital Marketing for MSMEs

Empowering Small Businesses

Today, businesses worldwide, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), rely on a combination of digital and offline advertising to attract more customers for their products and services. However, acquiring customers through digital marketing can be a complex undertaking, involving the necessity of a website, a strong social media presence, an agency to handle paid advertising, CRM systems, and more.

We simplify the process for MSMEs worldwide, enabling them to acquire customers by simply sharing details about their business with us. This way, they can concentrate on what they excel at – building and serving their own customer base – without having to invest time in learning digital marketing.

You'll only be charged for confirmed, qualified leads that are directly related to your business or the services you provide. What sets us apart from other platforms is that we never share these leads with your competitors. This means you can enjoy a high return on investment (ROI) without having to worry about additional expenses such as agency fees, platform fees, or social media charges.

Why mFunnel?

➤ As part of Madison World, we are premier Partners of Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other large digital publishers.

➤ Team at mFunnel cummulatively have more than 100 man-years of domain expertise in driving performance marketing for Brands like McDonalds, Godrej Properties, Marico, Pidilite, Titan, L&T Realty to name a few. We bring the same enterprise grade digital marketing to thorugh mFunnel.ai to MSMEs across the golbe. So they get maximium bank for the bucks.

➤ Our solutions use state of the art Ai deployment to ensure real-business outcomes.

➤ Our DNA is grounded on the Principles of Client First Approach. We grow only when our clients grow.

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